Gateway to the Classics: Spain: A History for Young Readers by Frederick A. Ober
Spain: A History for Young Readers by  Frederick A. Ober


Ancient Iberia
Charles I and Philip II
Charles IV and Bonaparte
Cuba's Fight for Freedom
Decline of the Moors
The Fall of Granada
Ferdinand and Isabella
From Isabella II to Alfonso XIII
The House of Bourbon
How the Moors were Subjugated
The Invasion from Africa
Isabella II and the Carlists
A Kingdom of the Goths
Kings of Castile and Aragon
A Memorable Reign
Phoenicians and Carthaginians
The Reign of Ferdinand VII
The Seventeenth Century
Spain a Roman Province
Spain and Her Colonies
Spain at the Close of the War
Spain's Heroic Age
Spain's Religious Wars
The Treaty of Peace
War with the United States
The Western Califate
When Spain was Great

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