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We are delighted to welcome you to Gateway to the Classics where you can find one of the best collections of classic literature for children. We offer hundreds of titles in a wide variety of genres, with special emphasis on history, literature, and natural history. We were among the first to offer books for online reading, beginning in 1999 with a modest collection at the Baldwin Project at mainlesson.com. That collection eventually grew to almost 500 books.

New Platform for Delivering More Varied Content

In 2012 we launched Gateway to the Classics as a membership site where subscribers could get access to more books and new types of content, that could be arranged and grouped in various ways.

A Richer Experience

Beginning now, you can read here, at Gateway to the Classics, all the content that you enjoyed at the Baldwin Project and a bit more. Books originally published here for our subscribers, unlike the Baldwin Project books that will remain accessible in their entirety for free, are available for you to sample. Typically that means you can read the first two chapters. Enjoy, and stay tuned for some exciting new types of content that we'll be unveiling in the near future!

Different Types of Membership

For those who want full access, there will be different types of membership available, starting in a few weeks.

Building a Culture of Reading

Visit our new blog A Culture of Reading and sign up to receive updates. This post, This Way to Christmas with Ruth Sawyer, gives a glimpse of how we will help you discover titles available at Gateway to the Classics, and incorporate them into your reading. We invite you to join the conversation at A Culture of Reading.

Three Sites Work in Concert

Gateway to the Classics provides an attractive interface for online reading. Yesterday's Classics, our publishing arm, offers ebooks and print editions. And A Culture of Reading encourages you in your reading life in your home and beyond.

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