Gateway to the Classics: For the Children's Hour by Carolyn S. Bailey
For the Children's Hour by  Carolyn S. Bailey

The Crow and the Fox

O NE day a Crow found a piece of cheese. Taking it in her beak, she flew to a tree near by.

A Fox who had seen the Crow wanted the cheese for himself, so he walked over to the foot of the tree, and, looking up, said:

"Good day, Mistress Crow, how well you are looking to-day. You are so beautiful! Your feathers are fairer than a dove's! Is your voice as sweet? Let me hear but one song, that I may know you are the Queen of the birds."

The Crow was so happy to be praised that she opened her mouth to show the Fox how well she could sing.

Down to the ground fell the piece of cheese, and the sly Fox seized it and ran away!

"That will do," said the Fox; "that was all I wanted."

Do not trust flatterers.

— Adapted by Clara M. Lewis from Æsop's fables   

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