Gateway to the Classics: For the Children's Hour by Carolyn S. Bailey
For the Children's Hour by  Carolyn S. Bailey

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For the Children's Hour
by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
A choice collection of stories for the preschool child, carefully selected, adapted, and arranged by two veteran kindergarten teachers. Includes nature stories, holiday stories, fairy tales and fable, as well as stories of home life. Emphasis is placed on fanciful tales for their value in the training of the imagination and on cumulative tales for developing a child's sense of humor and appealing to his instinctive love of rhyme and jingle.  Ages 4-7
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mother and the children
The Little Gray Grandmother
Grandmother's Curtains
Hans and the Wonderful Flower
The Mince Pie
The Fairy Who Came to Our House
Selling Timothy Titus
The Top and the Ball
The Long Procession


the home
How the Home Was Built
What Kept the New Chimney Waiting
The Stone Baby
The Tale of the Littlest Mouse
The House That Jack Built
The Sheep and the Pig
The Tomato Story
Little King Brogan
Two Little Cooks
Smiling Girls and Rosy Boys
The Big Red Apple
The Wonderful Porridge Pot
The Gingerbread Boy
The Gingerbread Man
the farmer
Do What You Can
The Stolen Corn
Making the Best of It
Why the Bean Wears a Stripe Down Its Back
The Little Field Mice
The Ugly Duckling
The Rich Goose
The Flax
The Calico's Story
The New Red Dress
Little Bo Peep
Baa, Baa Black Sheep
stories of industry
The Story of Nehemiah
The Stone Cutter
The Village Blacksmith
The Elves and the Shoemaker
The Stone in the Road
Pippa Passes


fall: preparation for winter
The Story of Persephone
The Seed Babies' Blanket
The Snowflake and the Leaf
The Robin
The Anxious Leaf
The Elder Brother
winter: the sky, ice, and snow
Silvercap, King of the Frost Fairies
What Broke the China Pitcher
The Legend of the Dipper
The Snowman
Grandfather's Penny
spring: light, water, birds, trees
The Sleeping Princess
The Old Street Lamp
The Candles
Little Nancy Etticoat
The Windmill
Little Half Chick
The Wind and the Sun
The Story of Phaeton
The Sun's Sisters
Tom, the Water Baby
Latona and the Rustics
How We First Came to Have Umbrellas
Who Likes the Rain?
The Oriole's Journey
The Tongue-Cut Sparrow
The Legend of the Woodpecker
How the Robin's Breast Became Red
How the Apple Blossom Came Back
Apple-Seed John
Up in a Green Orchard
The Oak Tree and the Linden
The Little Pine Tree Who Wished for New Leaves
summer: flowers and insects
The Legend of the Arbutus
The Daisy
The Legend of the Dandelion
The Dandelion
The Story of Clytie
Goldenrod and Aster
The Little Brown Bowl
The Story of Arachne
The Cricket and the Poet
Cupid and Psyche
The Baby Queen
Mother Spider
Little Miss Muffett
The Little Girl Who Would Not Work


The Story of Ruth and Naomi
The Story of the First Corn
Who Ate the Dolly's Dinner?
A Great Surprise
The Christmas Story
The Good Shepherd
The Legend of St. Christopher
The Legend of the Christmas Tree
How the Fir Tree Became the Christmas Tree
The Pine Tree
Little Cosette
Tiny Tim
Mrs. Santa Claus
st. valentine's day
Stuart's Valentine
Big Brother's Valentine
stories of heroism
St. George and the Dragon
The Story of Theseus
A Little Lad of Long Ago
How Cedric Became a Knight
The Brave Tin Soldier
Daffy Down Dilly
The Snowdrop
Herr Oster Hare
The Coming of the King


fairy tales
The Old Woman and Her Pig
The Cat and the Mouse
The Little Red Hen
Chicken Little
The Travels of a Fox
The Living Alarm Clock
The Three Bears
The Three Little Pigs
Peter, Paul, and Espen
Little Sunshine
Eavesdropper, the Ugly Dwarf
The House in the Wood
The Spindle, Needle, and Shuttle
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Ant and the Dove
The Crow and the Pitcher
The Gourd and the Pine Tree
The Crow and the Fox
The Dog and His Shadow

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