Gateway to the Classics: The Tale of Cuffy Bear by Arthur Scott Bailey
The Tale of Cuffy Bear by  Arthur Scott Bailey

Table of Contents

Cuffy Wakes Up
Cuffy Finds a Porcupine
Cuffy and the Wonderful Spring
Cuffy Learns Something
Cuffy and the Maple-Sugar
Cuffy Meets a Man
The Ice Goes Out of the River
Cuffy Learns To Swim
A Surprise
Cuffy Climbs Blue Mountain
Mrs. Eagle Is Angry
Cuffy Bear Goes to Market
Cuffy Likes Baked Beans
Hunting for a Bee-Tree
The Bees Sting Cuffy
Cuffy Bear Goes Swimming
Cuffy Frightens His Mother
The Little Bear Peter
Learning To Box
The Forest Fire
The Rain Comes
Cuffy Bear Grows Sleepy

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