Gateway to the Classics: Overheard in Fairyland by Madge A. Bigham
Overheard in Fairyland by  Madge A. Bigham


The Best Fairy of All
Flower Pixies
Origin of Evening- and Morning-Glories
Origin of Poplar Blossoms and Hazel Tassels
The Origin of Pussy Willows
Origin of Toadstool
Origin of the Brown-Eyed Susans
Origin of the Tiger Lily, Snapdragon, Elephant-Ear
Why Apples Have Stars Within
Why Chestnuts Are in Prison
Why Dandelions Have Wings
Why Flowers Have Bright Colours
Why Heart-Shaped Leaves Have Pitchers
Why Nasturtiums Have Lines
Why Petunias Are Sticky
Why Pine Trees Have Needles
Why Poppies Make You Sleep
Why Roses Have Thorns
Why Violets Have Golden Hearts
Why the Hyacinth Has Bells
Why the Ivy Is Always Green
Why the Leaves Shake
Why the Persimmon Tree Has Its Fruit in Three Colo
Why the Sunflowers Hang Their Heads
Why the Sweet Laburnum Comes First in Spring

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