Gateway to the Classics: Fables from Afar by Catherine T. Bryce
Fables from Afar by  Catherine T. Bryce

The Two Monkeys

Two monkeys were wandering near a village one day, when they found a tree covered with ripe fruit.

"See this tree!" cried one of the monkeys. "How good this fruit looks! Let us gather some at once and eat it."

"No, no," answered the other, who was a very wise monkey. "Just think for a moment. This tree grows near the village. The fruit is ripe. If it were good fruit, it would have been gathered. But, as you see, no one has touched it. Let us leave it. I am sure the fruit is not fit for food."

"What nonsense!" said the other. "I am sure the fruit is good, and I am going to eat some at once."

"As you please," answered the wise old monkey, "but I will look somewhere else for my supper."

The foolish monkey gathered the fruit and ate all he wanted. But it was his last meal. The fruit was poison. Next day when the wise monkey returned to the fruit tree near the village, he found his foolish friend dead.

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