Gateway to the Classics: Lost in the Jungle by Paul du Chaillu
Lost in the Jungle by  Paul du Chaillu


Adventures in Puny Canoes
Adventures on a Mountain Trek
Arrival in Apingi Land
Arrival in Ashira Land
Baby Gorilla takes Revenge
Balls and Beer-Houses
A Beautiful Antelope
Charged by a Rogue Elephant
A Crabbing Expedition
A Dangerous Bridge Crossing
A Death Panic in Goumbi
Death of Querlaouen
A Deserted Village
A Gorilla Family
A Heathen Funeral
Hunting for Manga
I am Made King
Ilogo, the Moon Spirit
Into the Forest
Journey to Ashira
Jungle Spiders
A Killer Gorilla
King Olenda
The "Leopard of the Air"
Lost in the Jungle
Monkeys and their Bird Friends
Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla
On the Rembo River
Return to the Sea-Shore
Toils Enroute to Apingi

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