Gateway to the Classics: Lost in the Jungle by Paul du Chaillu
Lost in the Jungle by  Paul du Chaillu

Table of Contents

Front Matter

On the Rembo River
Hunting for Manga
Into the Forest
A Deserted Village
Mr. and Mrs. Gorilla
Monkeys and their Bird Friends
A Beautiful Antelope
A Gorilla Family
Baby Gorilla takes Revenge
A Crabbing Expedition
Jungle Spiders
Charged by a Rogue Elephant
The "Leopard of the Air"
A Killer Gorilla
A Heathen Funeral
Return to the Sea-Shore
A Death Panic in Goumbi
Ilogo, the Moon Spirit
Death of Querlaouen
Journey to Ashira
Arrival in Ashira Land
King Olenda
Balls and Beer-Houses
Adventures on a Mountain Trek
Lost in the Jungle
A Dangerous Bridge Crossing
Toils Enroute to Apingi
Arrival in Apingi Land
Adventures in Puny Canoes
I am Made King

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