Gateway to the Classics: Handbook of Nature Study: Insects by Anna Botsford Comstock
Handbook of Nature Study: Insects by  Anna Botsford Comstock


The Ant-Nest and What May Be Seen within It
The Ant-lion
The Aphids, or Plant-Lice
The Black Cricket
The Black Swallow-tail Butterfly
The Bumblebee
The Caddis-worms and the Caddis-flies
The Cecropia
The Cockroach
The Codling Moth
The Colorado Potato-beetle
The Dragon-flies and Damsel-flies
The Firefly
The Gall-dwellers
The Grasshopper
The Honey-bee
The Honey-comb
The House-fly
How To Make an Aquarium for Insects
How To Make the Lubbock Ant-Nest
The Hummingbird, or Sphinx, Moths
Industries of the Hive and the Observation Hive
The Isabella Tiger Moth or Woolly Bear
The Katydid
The Ladybird
The Leaf-cutter Bee
The Leaf-rollers
The Life History of Insects
The Little Carpenter Bee
The Monarch Butterfly
The Mosquito
Mother Lace-wing and the Aphis-lion
The Mud-dauber
The Promethea
The Snowy Tree-cricket
The Structure of Insects
The Ways of the Ant
The Yellow-jacket

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