Gateway to the Classics: Fairy Tales of Old Japan by William E. Griffis
Fairy Tales of Old Japan by  William E. Griffis

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Fire-Fly's Lovers
The Travels of the Two Frogs
The Child of the Thunder
The Tounge-Cut Sparrow
The Ape and the Crab
The Wonderful Tea-Kettle
Benkei and the Bell
Little Silver's Dream
The Magic Frog
How the Jelly-Fish Lost His Shell
Lord Cuttle-Fish's Concert
Raiko and His Guards
Raiko Slays the Demons
The Ambitious Carp
Lord Long-Leg's Procession
The Power of Love
The Tide-Jewels
The Grateful Crane
The Idol and the Whale
The Gift of Gold Lacquer

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