Gateway to the Classics: The Story of England by Samuel B. Harding
The Story of England by  Samuel B. Harding

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Britain and the Britons
The Romans in Britain
The Coming of the English
The English Accept Christianity
King Alfred and the Danes
The Normans Conquer England
The Rule of the Normans
Henry II., the First Plantagenet King
Richard the Lion-Hearted and the Crusades
King John and the Great Charter
The Barons' Wars against Henry III
The First Two Edwards
The Rise of Parliament
Edward III. and the Hundred Years' War
Richard II., the Last Plantagenet King
The Lancastrian Kings, and Close of the War
The Wars of the Roses (1455-1485)
Henry VII. and the Beginning of Modern Times
Henry VIII. and the Separation from Rome
The Reformation Established (1547-1559)
England under Elizabeth
James I., the First Stuart King
Charles I. and Parliament
The Civil War between King and Parliament
Commonwealth and Protectorate (1649-1660)
Charles II. and the Stuart Restoration (1660-1685)
James II. and the "Glorious Revolution"
The Reign of William and Mary
Queen Anne, the Last of the Stuarts
The First Hanoverian Kings
Winning the British Empire
George III. and the American Revolution
Industrial and Social Changes
England and the French Revolution
A Period of Reform (1815-1837)
The Early Reign of Queen Victoria
Gladstone and Disraeli
England and Ireland
The British Empire under Edward VII.

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