Gateway to the Classics: Juan Ponce de Leon by Frederick A. Ober
Juan Ponce de Leon by  Frederick A. Ober

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Valiant Exemplar
Fighting the Moors
Ponce de Leon in America
A Soldier in Hispaniola
The Rebellion in Higuey
Capture of Cotubanama
Juan Ponce, Provincial Governor
Invasion of Porto Rico
Subjugation of Boriquen
War with Agueybana
The Island's Aborigines
The Governor Builds a Castle
The Fount of Perennial Youth
Florida and Bimini
Becerrico and the Blood-Hound
Adelantado of Florida
Seeking the Man-eaters
Encounters with Cannibals
Defeated by Caribs
Juan Ponce's Last Campaign

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