Gateway to the Classics: The Way of the Green Pastures by E. Hershey Sneath
The Way of the Green Pastures by  E. Hershey Sneath

Elsie's First Skates

Nobody could be more pleased than Elsie when she got her first pair of skates. Father had long promised that she should have them, when she was at the head of her class in three subjects. So she worked very hard and did her best; and now the skates had come.

It was freezing hard. Cousin Jack had just rushed in and said, "The Manor pond will bear!" Jack and Rita took Elsie down to the pond, and helped her along between them.

Skating is not so easy as it looks, when first you begin. When, Elsie tried to go alone, the first day, she tumbled down. But the second clay she managed by herself, with a stick. The third day she could skate quite well.

Oh! how jolly it was, skimming along over the smooth ice! It makes you feel so warm and healthy, and as if you would like to keep on forever.

The Manor pond was very big. It took some time to go around it. When Elsie reached the other side she saw her brother Bob. He had only one skate on. The other had come off, and gone through a hole in the ice.

"Too bad!" he said. "I shall never be able to buy another pair. I had saved up all my pocket money for months to get these. Father won't give me any more. He always says I'm so careless !"

"But it was not your fault, was it?" said Elsie.

"Of course not," replied Bob; "but the skate is lost, anyhow." And the tears came into his eyes. Then Elsie thought for a minute. It was hard for her to give up just what she liked so much. But in the end, she sat down and took off her skates.

"Here you are, Bob," she said. "Mine will fit you, I am sure. I shall not skate any more to-day."

"Oh, thank you, Elsie!" said Bob. He sat down at once and began to put them on.

Jack had been watching all the time. He understood what had happened.

"Sit on this sled, Elsie," he said. "I am sure Bob will give you a ride as long as ever you like!"

"Of course I will," said Bob. In a few moments, Bob had the skates on. Picking up the rope, he drew Elsie all around the pond.

Bob was a happy boy that day; but I think Elsie was still more happy, even without her skates.


It is more blessed to give than to receive.

—Acts xx. 35.

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