Gateway to the Classics: The Way of the Green Pastures by E. Hershey Sneath
The Way of the Green Pastures by  E. Hershey Sneath


O, God please make me wise to see

That Work is just as good as Fun.

Please help me do it cheerfully,

And proud to see it finely done.

When I have useful Work to do,

Please make me very glad to do it;

And may I feel, dear God, that You

Are always near to help me through it.

While I am young, help me to see

That I should work with might and main;

For helpful Work is good for me,

And strengthens body, heart, and brain.

God, make me love my Work to-day,

So I'll disdain to do it badly,

And may I find some thoughtful way

To work for others, well and gladly.—AMEN.


Work with your hands.

1 Thessalonians iv. 11.

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