Gateway to the Classics: Our Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago by Evaleen Stein
Our Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago by  Evaleen Stein

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Our Little Frankish Cousin of Long Ago
by Evaleen Stein
Through the eyes of Rainolf, a boy at the court of Charlemagne, we catch a glimpse of life in the Frankish kingdom, including dress, occupations, and amusements. We learn how Charlemagne brought Alcuin from England to establish schools in his kingdom and how he encouraged the development of the arts, including the recitation of poetry such as the Song of Roland. We hear about Einhard, a close associate of Charlemagne, who wrote a biography of him after his death. Finally, we travel to Rome to see Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in 800 A.D.  Ages 8-10
78 pages $10.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Rainolf and the Palace Pages
A Bit of History
The Palace School
Malagis and the Boys
A Boar Hunt and a Music Lesson
The Minnesinger Tells of Roland
Presents for the King
Rainolf in the Writing-Room
Christmas Day of the Year 800

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