Gateway to the Classics: European Hero Stories by Eva March Tappan
European Hero Stories by  Eva March Tappan

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Alaric the Visogoth Besieges Rome
Attila the Hun Is Defeated at Chalons
Genseric the Vandal Sacks Rome
The Teutons and Their Myths
The Story of the Nibelungs
Clovis Becomes the First King of Franks
Theodoric the Ostrogoth Becomes Ruler of Italy
Charles Martel Repels the Mohammedans at Tours
Charlemagne Is Crowned Emperor of the Romans
The Coming of the Teutons to England
The Legend of King Arthur
Saint Patrick Preaches in Ireland
The Story of Beowulf
Alfred the Great Rules England
Rurik the Norseman Becomes Ruler in Russia
Rollo the Viking Makes Settlements in France
William the Conqueror Conquers England
Leif Ericsson Visits the Coast of New England
Henry the Fowler Founds the German Monarchy
Hugh Capet Becomes the First King of the French
The Cid Captures Valencia
Magna Carta Signed by King John
The Life of the Knight
Country Life in the Middle Ages
Town Life in the Middle Ages
Peter the Hermit Leads the First Crusade
Richard the Lion-Hearted Leads the Third Crusade
The Children's Crusade
Marco Polo Visits the Great Khan of China
Francesco Petrarch and the Revival of Learning
The Fall of Constantinople
John Gutenberg Invents Printing
Columbus Discovers America
Vasco de Gama Reaches India by Rounding Africa
Ferdinand Magellan Leads First Voyage round World
Robert Bruce Wins at Bannockburn and Frees Scotlan
William Tell and Arnold Von Winkelried
The Black Prince, Hero of Crecy
Joan of Arc, the Girl Commander
The Troubles of Philip II, King of Spain
The Invincible Armada Is Defeated
Gustavus Adolfphus, the Lion of the North
Peter the Great Founds St. Petersburg
Napoleon Bonaparte Becomes Emperor of the French

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