Gateway to the Classics: Undine by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque
Undine by  Friedrich de la Motte Fouque

Table of Contents

Front Matter

How the Knight Came to the Fisherman
How Undine Had Come to the Fisherman
How Undine Was Found Again
Of That Which Befell the Knight in the Wood
How the Knight Fared on the Peninsula
Telleth of a Wedding
Of All That Chanced on the Evening of the Wedding
The Day after the Wedding
How the Knight Bore Away His Young Wife
How They Fared in the City
Bertalda's Birthday
How They Journeyed from the City
How They Fared at Castle Ringstetten
The Black Valley
How They Journeyed to Vienna
How It Fared Further with Huldbrand
The Knight's Dream
How the Knight Huldbrand Is Married
How the Knight Huldbrand Was Buried

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