Gateway to the Classics: Stories from English History, Book I by Alfred J. Church
Stories from English History, Book I by  Alfred J. Church

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Caius Valerius and His Grandfather
The First Coming of Julius Caesar
The Second Coming of Julius Caesar
King Caractacus
Boadicea (continued)
The Story of Vortigern
The Story of King Arthur
How England Became Christian
How England Became Christian (continued)
King Alfred
How King Athelstan Fought at Brunanburgh
The Story of King Canute
Harold the Earl
Harold the King
Harold the King (continued)
William, Duke of Normandy
William, King of England
The Red King
Thomas Becket, the Chancellor
Thomas Becket, the Archbishop
King Richard's Crusade
King Richard's Crusade (continued)
The King of France Goes Home
Magna Charta
The Story of Prince Edward
The Battle of Bannockburn
How King Edward III Won the Battle of Sluys
The Battle of Crecy
How Calais Was Taken
The Great Battle of Poitiers

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