Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What prompted you to close down the Baldwin Project at

In March, 2018 the local hosting service that we have used for since 1999 was acquired by a larger company. In July that company informed us that they would be migrating to a new platform, which meant that we would have to upgrade the software applications we had developed to operate We decided to seize the opportunity to merge the resources available at with those available at Gateway to the Classics.

Are all the books I enjoyed at the Baldwin Project available here?

Yes! You can read here, at Gateway to the Classics, all the content that you enjoyed at the Baldwin Project, as well as a bit more.

Why can't I access the complete content of some of the books?

Gateway to the Classics was launched as a membership site in 2012, where subscribers could get exclusive access to new books and new types of content. The books, that you don't have full access to at Gateway to the Classics, were originally published here for our subscribers. We do provide a way for you to sample these titles, by allowing you to read the first couple of chapters.

What types of new content are available at Gateway to the Classics?

Besides books and stories, you can enjoy, at no cost, a sizable collection of poems by over 300 poets, arranged by author, title, and first line.

A limited number of books and poems have audio associated with them. And songs from Walter Crane's The Baby's Bouquet  and The Baby's Opera  are available for listening.

Why can't I listen to any of the audio content on my device?

Probably because the way that sound controls are displayed in newer browsers has evolved from the time this feature was implemented at Gateway to the Classics in 2012. We will be looking into how to resolve this issue so everyone has access to the audio content. For now I can access it on my iPhone and my iPad but not with any of the browsers I have on my Windows laptop.

How can I get full access to all the content originally published for members?

You can become a member yourself!

Will there be a recurring charge for membership or a one-time fee?

While there has been a recurring charge for membership to Gateway to the Classics, there will now be a one-time fee for lifetime access. Current susbscribers to Gateway to the Classics will be grandfathered in as lifetime members, with no further recurring charges.

Will there be different levels of membership?

Yes, there will be three levels of membership:

Level Description Current Cost
BASIC Full access to all books for online reading $67
PLUS Full access to all books for online reading, plus ability to download ebooks $147
PREMIUM Full access to all books for online reading, plus ability to download ebooks, plus ability to customize your experience and to organize content for your display. $197

What ebooks will I be able to download as a PLUS or PREMIUM member?

You can download all 106 ebooks in Treasury 2, all 104 ebooks in Treasury 3, and 43 ebooks that will be in Treasury 4 when it is released, a total of 253 ebooks in all. All these ebooks are available for you to download in both Kindle and EPUB format. Note that the ebooks in Treasury 1 are NOT available for you to download through this membership site, though all the titles will be available to you for online reading. Any ebooks that we create in the future, you will also be able to download. We are planning to continue to create ebooks, but not at predictable intervals that you can count on.

If I join as a BASIC member now, can I upgrade to PLUS or PREMIUM membership later?

Yes, you will be able to upgrade to a higher level of membership, but at a somewhat higher cost than if you had joined that level of membership initially.

Upgrading From Level To Level Current Cost

The cost is subject to change and will likely increase as significantly more ebooks are made available for download.

When will I be able to join Gateway to the Classics?

You can join now as a PREMIUM member for a non-recurring cost of $197. You can use this link to sign up. Membership at the BASIC and PLUS levels will be available soon after the holidays.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact me at LisaRipperton at if you have any additional questions.

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