Gateway to the Classics: The Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts by Abbie Farwell Brown
The Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts by  Abbie Farwell Brown


The Ballad of Saint Athracta's Stags
The Ballad of Saint Felix
The Ballad of Saint Giles and the Deer
The Blind Singer, Saint Hervé
The Fish Who Helped Saint Gudwall
Saint Blaise and His Beasts
Saint Bridget and the King's Wolf
Saint Comgall and the Mice
Saint Cuthbert's Peace
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Fronto's Camels
Saint Gerasimus and the Lion
Saint Keneth of the Gulls
Saint Kentigern and the Robin
Saint Launomar's Cow
Saint Prisca, the Child Martyr
Saint Rigobert's Dinner
Saint Werburgh and Her Goose
The Wolf-Mother of Saint Ailbe
The Wonders of Saint Berach

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