Gateway to the Classics: Indian History for Young Folks by Francis S. Drake
Indian History for Young Folks by  Francis S. Drake

Table of Contents

Front Matter

What We Know about the American Indian
Early European Intercourse with the Indians
Virginia Colonized
The New England Indians
The Iroquois
King Philip's War
The Southern Indians
French and Indian Wars
The "Old French War"
Story of a Captive
Roger's Rangers
Pontiac's War
The Indians Join Britain against the Colonies
The Backwoodsmen of Kentucky
War with the Western Indians
Tecumseh and the War of 1812
War with the Creek Nation
The Black Hawk War
War with the Seminoles of Florida
Indian Wars
Joseph's Nez Perces and the Story of the Poncas
The Ute Outbreak of 1879
Conquering the Warlike Apaches
The Sioux War of 1890-1891
The Indians of the Present Day

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