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More about Forms of Land and Water

A N island, as we have learned, is a piece of land with water all round it. Now, sometimes we see a piece of land that has water nearly  all round it. This form of land is called a peninsula.  The word peninsula means almost an island.

In the picture we see a narrow strip of land which extends far out into the water. You will notice that the land has water all round, except at one place.


Picture of a Peninsula

What is the name for land that has water on all sides but one? What is a peninsula?


Map of a Peninsula

How would you change this peninsula to an island? What is the difference between a peninsula and an island?

The narrow neck which joins the peninsula to other land—just as the neck joins the head to the body—is called an isthmus,  which means neck.

Here is another picture which I wish you to look at. You see where the shore bends like a bow; and the water runs a little way into the land.


Picture of a Bay

Can you think of anything else that is bent like this? Yes—a bay-window.

Now, when I tell you that bay means the same as bow, you can almost guess the name for this bend in the land. It is called a bay.  You will easily remember that little word.

A wide opening or bend in the land, into which the water flows, is usually called a bay.


Map of a Bay

Sometimes, when the opening in the bend is long and narrow, it is called a gulf.

On the next page is shown a narrow strip of water joining two larger bodies of water. The name given to this narrow passage is strait,  a word meaning narrow.


Picture of a Strait

As an isthmus connects two bodies of land, so a strait connects two bodies of water.


Map of a Strait

After a rain make little lakes, rivers, bays, etc. Perhaps you may find some already made.

See whether you can find in the magazines and books at home pictures of gulfs, bays, peninsulas, etc.

Write the following:

A peninsula is land almost surrounded by water.

An isthmus is a neck of land joining two larger bodies of land.

A gulf or bay is a portion of some large body of water extending into the land.

A strait is a narrow passage of water that joins two larger bodies of water.

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