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What Is Necessary To Make Plants Grow

P LANTS do not grow in winter. Can you tell why? Plants do not grow in hot places called deserts. Can you think of any reason for this?

What two things are necessary to make plants grow? At what time of the year can they get these?

If a country has a great deal of heat and rain, what can we be sure of about its trees and grass and flowers?


If a country has a great deal of heat and rain.

There are places that have rain enough, but very little heat. How do you suppose the trees grow there?

You may get information about plants and things by seeing for yourself, by asking others, and by reading books.

Write  the names:

Of some grains that we use for food.

Of some vegetables that we use for food.

Of two plants from which clothing is made.

Of woods used in making furniture.

Of woods used in building our houses.

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