Gateway to the Classics: Home Geography by C. C. Long
Home Geography by  C. C. Long

A Review Lesson

W HAT kind of work is done by the people among whom you live? Are they farmers? How does the farmer make his living? Where does he sell the things which he raises? Where does he buy his sugar and tea and other things which he needs?

Do you live in a city? What are the chief occupations of the people? Do they work in shops or mills or factories?

Name some mills or factories in or near your city. What articles are made there? What manufactured articles are in the schoolroom? At home? What do you call the men who make these articles?

What kinds of goods are sold in the stores? What is a grocery store? A dry-goods store? A shoe store? Where did the things in these stores come from? Which were made in your city? Which were brought from other places?

What railroads or canals are in the city? Do boats come to the wharves? What do the boats or railroads take away? What do they bring in return?

Write the following:

Farmers raise (write the names of all the things you can think of).

Miners dig _____ out of the earth.

Quarrymen dig _____ from the quarries.

A shoemaker makes _____.

A blacksmith makes _____.

Merchants buy and sell _____.

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