Gateway to the Classics: Home Geography by C. C. Long
Home Geography by  C. C. Long


Rain, Wind, and Snow

Do you see the dropping rain,

Pitter-patter on the pane?

How it runs along the street!

And it wets our little feet;

But it makes the green grass grow,

And the tiny streamlets flow.

Listen to the wintry blast

Moaning, shrieking, howling past,

Striking with tremendous force

Rocks and forests in its course;

But it blows the windmills strong,

And it sends big ships along.

Watch the pretty snowflakes fall,

Some are large and some are small;

Look, they cover all the ground,

Miles of dazzling white around;

But this covering, I am told,

Keeps the earth from frost and cold.

Ah! and I must work alway,

Life's not meant to spend in play;

Every moment's fleeting fast,

And our day will soon be past;

If our work is truly done,

It will last though ages run.

Of what use is rain? Of what use is snow? Of what use is wind?


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