Gateway to the Classics: Home Geography by C. C. Long
Home Geography by  C. C. Long

The Parts of Animals

A NIMALS which live in or near people's houses and are tame are domestic animals; others are wild.


Tiger's Feet

What animals are found where you live?

Which are domestic? Which wild?

Which of these animals feed upon grass? grains? fruits? flesh?

You know what sharp claws a cat can put out when it pleases. What use does the cat make of its claws?


Seizing Claw

How does a cat's paw differ from a dog's? How does a dog seize its prey?

Compare a duck's bill with an owl's. What use does the duck make of its broad flat bill? The owl, of its sharp hooked bill?

How do the bills of the hen and the duck differ? Would a bill fitted for pecking be as useful to the duck as its own bill?

Can you draw a picture of a duck's foot and a hen's foot? For what does each use its feet?


Duck's Foot

Would broad web-feet be as useful to the hen as slender toes?


Hen's Foot

What kind of feet has the sheep? For what are its feet only used? Could a sheep use feet like those of a cat or a hen?

You see each animal has parts well fitted for the life it leads.

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