Gateway to the Classics: The Golden Ladder Book by E. Hershey Sneath
The Golden Ladder Book by  E. Hershey Sneath

The Fox and the Stork

One day a fox invited a stork to dinner. He placed a dish of soup before the stork, but the dish was not very deep.

It was easy for the fox to eat the soup from such a dish. He could lap it up with his tongue.


But the stork could not do this. She could only get a drop of it on the end of her long bill.

So at the close of the meal, the stork was almost as hungry as at the beginning.

Another day the stork invited the fox to dinner. She set before him some chopped meat in a dish with a long, narrow top like a bottle.

The stork with her long bill could easily reach into the dish and eat a hearty meal. But the fox could get nothing except the little pieces that the stork dropped beside the dish.


Then the fox told the stork that she had punished him as he deserved for his rudeness.


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