Gateway to the Classics: The Golden Ladder Book by E. Hershey Sneath
The Golden Ladder Book by  E. Hershey Sneath


Sweet wind, fair wind, where have you been?

"I've been sweeping the cobwebs out of the sky;

I've been grinding; a grist in the mill hard by;

I've been laughing at work while others sigh;

Let those laugh who win!"

Sweet rain, soft rain, what are you doing?

"I'm urging the corn to fill out its cells;

I'm helping the lily to fashion its bells;

I'm swelling the torrent and brimming the wells;

Is that worth pursuing?"

Redbreast, redbreast, what have you done?

"I've been watching the nest where my fledglings lie;

I've sung them to sleep with a lullaby;

By and by I shall teach them to fly,

up and away, every one!"

Honeybee, honeybee, where are you going?

"To fill my basket with precious pelf;

To toil for my neighbor as well as myself';

To find out. the sweetest flower that grows,

Be it a thistle or be it a rose,—

A secret worth the knowing!"

Mary N. Prescott.

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