Gateway to the Classics: The Golden Ladder Book by E. Hershey Sneath
The Golden Ladder Book by  E. Hershey Sneath

The Boy Who Recommended Himself

A gentleman advertised for a boy to assist him in his office, and nearly fifty applicants presented themselves to him. Out of the whole number, he selected one, and dismissed the rest.

"I should like to know," said a friend, "on what ground you selected that boy, who had not a single recommendation."

"You are mistaken," said the gentleman, "he had a great many. He wiped his feet when he came in, and closed the door after him, showing that he was careful.

"He gave his seat instantly to that lame old man, showing that he was kind and thoughtful.

"He took off his cap when he came in, and answered my questions promptly, showing that he was polite and gentlemanly.

"He picked up the book, which I had purposely laid on the floor, and replaced it upon the table, showing that he was orderly. All the rest stepped over it. He waited quietly for his turn, instead of pushing and crowding.

"When I talked to him, I noticed that his clothing was tidy, his hair neatly brushed, and his finger nails clean. Do you not call these things letters of recommmendation? I do."

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