Gateway to the Classics: Stephen of Philadelphia by James Otis
Stephen of Philadelphia by  James Otis

Dock Creek Bridge

The next thing of consequence, after the law-making, that was done in Philadelphia by our governor, was the building of a bridge across Dock creek, which is the stream running through the swamp from the pond near High and Fourth streets.

Until this bridge was built, Cyrus Vanderpoel had kept a ferry at the Blue Anchor tavern, taking people across for a penny; but it was a slow way to get over a short distance, and the new bridge, in addition to being a great convenience, gives our town much more the appearance of a regular city.


It was while our people were building the bridge, and after the coming of snow had put an end to turkey- trapping, that Jethro and I hit upon a plan for earning money, and father was so much in favor of it that he declared we might be opening the way for a regular business.

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