Gateway to the Classics: A First Book in American History by Edward Eggleston
A First Book in American History by  Edward Eggleston

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Front Matter

Back Matter

The Early Life of Columbus
How Columbus Discovered America
Columbus after the Discovery of America
John Cabot and His Son Sebastian
Captain John Smith
More about Captain John Smith
The Story of Pocahontas
Henry Hudson
Captain Myles Standish
Myles Standish and the Indians
William Penn
King Philip
Captain Church in Philip's War
Bacon and His Men
Boyhood of Franklin
Franklin, the Printer
The Great Doctor Franklin
Young George Washington
Washington in the French War
Washington in the Revolution
Victory at Yorktown and Washington as President
Thomas Jefferson
Daniel Boone
Robert Fulton and the Steamboat
William Henry Harrison
Andrew Jackson
Morse and the Telegraph
How the Telegraph Became Successful
Early Life of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln in Public Life
Something about the Civil War
Something about the Spanish War
How the Unted States Became Larger

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