Gateway to the Classics: Will o' the Wasps by Margaret Warner Morley
Will o' the Wasps by  Margaret Warner Morley

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Will o' the Wasps
by Margaret Warner Morley
 Ages 8-10
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Table of Contents

Lady Wasp of the Slender Waist
Pelopaeus Provisions Her Nest
More Nests
Eyes and Other Matters Concerning Pelopaeus
Young Wasps
Some Other Masons
Madam Vespa Starts Her Nest
The Inventors of Paper
Baby Vespa
Feeding the Hungry Infants
How the Nest Grows
The Nest Is Finished
Concerning Stings
How the Nest Looks Inside
The Yellow Jackets
Queens and Drones
Wasp Flowers
Underground Paper Palaces
The Hunters
Strange Nests
More Wasp Stories
The Carpenters
Winter Wasps

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