Gateway to the Classics: How To Tell Stories to Children by Sara Cone Bryant
How To Tell Stories to Children by  Sara Cone Bryant

How We Came To Have Pink Roses

Told me by Miss Elizabeth McCracken.

Once, ever and ever so long ago, we didn't have any pink roses. All the roses in the world were white. There weren't any red ones at all, any yellow ones, or any pink ones,—only white roses.

And one morning, very early, a little white rosebud woke up, and saw the sun looking at her. He stared so hard that the little white rosebud did not know what to do; so she looked up at him and said, "Why are you looking at me so hard?"

"Because you are so pretty!" said the big round sun. And the little white rosebud blushed! She blushed pink. And all her children after her were little pink roses!

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