Gateway to the Classics: How To Tell Stories to Children by Sara Cone Bryant
How To Tell Stories to Children by  Sara Cone Bryant


Adaptation of Stories for Telling
Arthur and the Sword
Billy Beg and His Bull
Bird Thoughts
The Buckwheat
The Burning of the Rice Fields
The Cat and the Parrot
The Child-Mind; and How To Satisfy It
The Cooky
The Fire-Bringer
Five Little White Heads
The Frog and the Ox
Fulfilled: A Legend of Christmas Eve
The Golden Cobwebs
How To Tell the Story
How We Came To Have Pink Roses
The Judgment of Midas
The Last Lesson
Little Daylight
The Little Hero of Haarlem
Nursery Rhymes
The Pied Piper of Hamelin Town
The Pig Brother
The Purpose of Story-Telling in School
The Rat Princess
The Sailor Man
Selection of Stories To Tell
Some Specific Schoolroom Uses
The Star Dollars
The Story of Christmas
The Story of Jairus' Daughter
Story of Little Tavwots
The Story of Wylie
Why Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in Winter
Why the Morning-Glory Climbs
Why the Sea Is Salt

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