Gateway to the Classics: American History Stories, Volume II by Mara L. Pratt
American History Stories, Volume II by  Mara L. Pratt

Memory Gems

Land of the West—beneath the Heaven

There's not a fairer, lovelier clime;

Nor one to which was ever given

A destiny more high, sublime.


Our country!—'tis a glorious land!

With broad arms stretched from shore to shore,

The broad Pacific chafes her strand,

She hears the dark Atlantic roar;

And nutrured on her ample breast,

How many a goodly prospect lies

In nature's wildest, grandeur chest

Enammell'd with the loveliest dyes.


Then, too, sail on, O Ship of State!

Sail on, O Union, strong and great!

Humanity with all its fears,

With all its hopes of future wars,

Is hanging breathless on thy fate.

We know what Master laid thy keel.

Land of the forest and the rock,

Of dark blue lake and mighty river,

Of mountains reared on high to mock

The storm's career and lightning's shock,

My own green land forever!

Oh! never may a son of thine,

Where'er his wandering feet incline

Forget the sky that bent above

His childhood like a dream of love!


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