Gateway to the Classics: Fairy Stories and Fables by James Baldwin
Fairy Stories and Fables by  James Baldwin

The Fox in the Well

A fox was going through a field one day, and fell into a well. He was not hurt at all, but he could not get out. He called for help as loud as he could, but no one heard him for a long time. By and by a Wolf passed that way and stopped to listen. Then he went to the edge of the well and looked down.


"Who is there?" he asked. "Dear Wolf, it is I," cried the Fox; "and I am so glad that you have come. You will help me out, I am sure."

"Poor little Foxie!" said the Wolf; "how did you get down there? How long have you been there? It must be very damp so deep down in a well like this. I do pity you with all my heart. You might catch cold in such a place; and how sad it would be if you were to die!"

"Oh, Wolf, Wolf!" cried the Fox. "This is no time to talk. Help me out, quick, and then pity me afterwards."

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