Gateway to the Classics: Fairy Stories and Fables by James Baldwin
Fairy Stories and Fables by  James Baldwin

The Wolves, the Dogs, and the Sheep

Once some Wolves saw a fine flock of Sheep in a field, and wanted to get at them. But they were afraid of the Dogs that stayed in the field and guarded the Sheep day and night.

At last they thought of a plan to get rid of the Dogs.

They sent word to the Sheep, and said: "The Dogs are not your friends; they are your masters and want to keep you from being free. We are your true friends. Only send the Dogs away, and trust us, and you will see how well we shall all live together, and how happy and free you will be."

The foolish Sheep believed them and sent the Dogs away.


Then the Wolves came down into the field and soon made an end of the Sheep.

When people do as their enemies ask them to do, they may expect to fare as these poor Sheep fared.

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