Gateway to the Classics: Fairy Stories and Fables by James Baldwin
Fairy Stories and Fables by  James Baldwin

The Lion's Share

One day a Lion, a Fox, and an Ass went out hunting together and agreed to divide the spoils. In the evening all the game was placed in a heap, and the Lion asked the Ass to divide it. The honest fellow divided it very carefully into three equal parts, and asked each one to choose his part. This did not please the Lion; it made him so angry that he flew at the Ass and killed him.

"Now," said he to the Fox, "there are only two of us. See if you can divide this game properly between us."

The Fox did as he was bidden, and put all the game, except a mere mouthful, into one pile for the Lion.

"This is your share," he said.


"You are very kind," said the Lion, greatly pleased. "Who showed you how to do such things so well?"

"The dead Ass, who lies there," answered the Fox.

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