Gateway to the Classics: Historical Tales: Scandinavian by Charles Morris
Historical Tales: Scandinavian by  Charles Morris

Table of Contents

Front Matter

How King Rolf Won His Bride
Ragnar Lodbrok and his Wives and Sons
Harold Fair-Haired Founds the Kingdom of Norway
Gorm the Old, Denmark's First King
Erik Blood-Axe and Egil the Icelander
The Sea-Kings and their Daring Feats
Haakon the Good and the Sons of Gunhild
Earl Haakon and the Jomsvikings
How Olaf, the Slave-Boy Won the Throne
Olaf Dethrones Odin and Dies a Hero
Olaf the Saint and his Work for Christ
Canute the Great, King of Six Nations
Magnus the Good and Harold Hardruler
Sverre, the Cook's Son, and the Birchlegs
The Friends and Foes of a Boy Prince
King Valdemar I and Bishop Absolon
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Valdemar II
Birger Jarl and the Conquest of Finland
The First War Between Sweden and Russia
The Crime and Punishment of King Birger
Queen Margaret and the Calmar Union
How Sir Tord Fought for Charles of Sweden
Sten Sture's Great Victory over the Danes
How the Ditmarshers Kept their Freedom
The Blood-bath of Stockholm
The Adventures of Gustavus Vasa
The Fall of Christian II the Tyrant
The West Gothland Insurrection
The Love Affairs of King Erik
Gustavus Adolphus on the Field of Leipsic
Charles X and the Invasion of Denmark
Charles XII, the Firebrand of Sweden
The English Invaders and the Danish Fleet
A French Soldier Becomes King of Sweden and Norway
The Dismemberment of Denmark
Breaking the Bond Between Norway and Sweden

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