Gateway to the Classics: Indian Fables by Ramaswami Raju
Indian Fables by  Ramaswami Raju

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Indian Fables
by P. V. Ramaswami Raju
An appealing collection of more than a hundred Indian fables that are delightful as well as short, pithy, and ingenious. Each fable has its separate moral in prose or rhyme; these are often epigrams of the shrewdest kind, full of wit and subtlety. Most of these fables are likely to be new to the majority of readers. In the characters of animals the same rules are observed as in Western fables. As the symbol of strength, the lion (or, in one or two instances, the tiger) is king, the fox is the symbol of cunning, the bear of inert power, the wolf of ferocity, the owl of assumed wisdom, and so forth.  Ages 7-10
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Glow-worm and the Daw
The King and His Vassal
The Fox and the Villagers
The Lion, the Stag, and the Fox
Tinsel and Lightning
The Monkey and the Looking-glass
The Fawn and the Little Tiger
The Lion, the Fox, and the Star
The Sea, the Fox, and the Wolf
The Four Owls
The Tiger, the Wolf, and the Fox
The Fox and the Farmer's Dog
The Fox in the Well
The Birds and the Lime
The Wealthy Man and the String
The Sword, the Razor, and the Strop
The Well-bred and the Ill-bred
The Drum and the Soldiers
The Owls and the Crows
The Fish and the Eagle
The Camel and the Pig
The Frog and the Snake
The Dove and the Grasshopper
The Sun and the Glow-worm
The Fox and the Crabs
The Assembly of Animals
The Worm and the Sun
The Dog and the Dog-dealer
The Banquet of the Beasts
The Beasts and the Fishes
The Wise Man and His Two Pupils
The Lion and His Cub
The Peacock, the Goose, and the Turkey
The Fools and the Drum
The Fox and the Tame Elephant
The Smithy
The Ram, the Ewe, and the Wolf
The Rag and the Ribbon
The Man of Luck and the Man of Pluck
The Thief and the Fox
The Snake and the Parrot
The Workman and the Trees
The Elephant and the Fly
The Man and the Snake
The Sparrow and the Sea
The Snakes and the Eels
The Owl and His School
The Cock and His Three Hens
The Fox and His Shadow
The Sun, the Wise Men, and the Wag
The Raven and the Cattle
The Nymphs, Luck and Ill-luck
The Peacock and the Crow
The Miser and the Money Tree
The Pigs and the Sage
The Owl and the Echo
The Ass and the Watch-dog
The Tiger and the Giraffe
The Tiger, the Stag, and the Crocodile
The Peacock and the Fox
The Captain, the Soldier, and the Horses
The Dog, the Wolf, and the Moon
The Fool and His Fever
The Elephant, the Frogs, and the Toad
The Black Dog and the White Dog
The Hare and the Pig
The Elephant and the Ape
The Raven, the Serpent, and the Bracelet
The Wasp and the Prince
The King, the Queen, and the Prime Minister
The Tiger and the Hare
The Lucky Man and the Sea
The Lark and Its Young Ones
The Peacock and the Tortoise
The Crane, the Crab, and the Fish
The Man and the Vault
The Lotus, the Bees, and the Frogs
The Crow and the Dawn
The Tradesman and the Honest Servant
The Tiger, the Fox, and the Hunters
The Clever Minister
The Farmer and the Fox
The Kites, the Crows, and the Fox
The Farmer and the Fox
The Maid and the Wise Man
The Man and His Piece of Cloth
The Fox and the Dove
The Lion and the Goat
The Sage and the Animals
The Two Gems
The Crane and the Fool
The Sun's Grandmamma
The Lion, the Fox, and the Storyteller
The Despot and the Wag
The Lion and the Elephant
The Sunling
The Gentleman and the Sedan Bearers
The Lion and the Gadfly
The Sage and the Children
The Mushroom and the Goose
The Fox in a Warehouse
The Cobbler and the Turkey
The Frog and the King
The Fish and Rain
The Viper in the King's Garden
The Hammer and the Anvil

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